Innovate Finance

Who – are Innovate Finance?

Innovate Finance is an independent not-for-profit membership association representing the UK’s FinTech community. From 50 founding members in 2014 to over 250 members in 2018, the Innovate Finance ecosystem has directly supported technology-led financial services companies of all shapes and sizes, from seed-stage startups to multinational institutions. Representing the industry as a whole, Innovate Finance has helped accelerate the UK’s leading position in the global financial services sector.

Why – did they hire FYXER?

As the FinTech industry has evolved and matured, so has the membership of Innovate Finance and the demands of the Innovate Finance team. Innovate Finance therefore decided to draft in experienced administrative support in order to free-up their executives’ day-to-day and ensure the smooth running of the company.

However, with workloads fluctuating, Innovate Finance was concerned about making a full-time hire, while given the high intensity of diary management required, using a freelancer was also out of the question. As such, they turned to FYXER.

What – did FYXER do?

Innovate Finance knew it needed support, but was unsure of its exact needs. With Innovate Finance CEO, Lawrence Wintermeyer’s, time highly sought after, FYXER identified the need for a gatekeeper, who understood his priorities and had an intimate knowledge of key players in the FinTech industry. Not having someone in the team immediately available, FYXER spent time offline locating the ideal person.

After initially working solely with Lawrence, FYXER’s new FinTech expert began to work with other directors, such as Ecosystem Director (and now COO) Janine Hirt, who was responsible for member relationships. From organising conferences to sending out newsletters, FYXER helped Janine liaise with the ever-growing membership list and ensured Innovate Finance supported its clients as best they could.

How – did FYXER make a difference?

With Innovate Finance’s workload peaking and troughing, hiring an assistant full-time would not only have been expensive, but restrictive. FYXER’s unique model ensured that Innovate Finance only paid for the services it required, thus guaranteeing support regardless of the ever-changing needs, as well allowing for the service to be seamlessly rolled out to more executives.

In addition, as a non-profit organisation, Innovate Finance keeps an especially close eye on its accounts and FYXER was able to cut the perfect balance between value and productivity.


The voice of UK FinTech, Innovate Finance sought top-level administrative support, without the need to hire a full-time assistant. FYXER’s model was the perfect match.