Will I be able to build a personal relationship with my remote executive assistant?

Posted by Archie on 06/09/17 13:35



To use the old adage: getting the most out of having an executive assistant is a game of two halves. In the first half, you must ensure you have hired an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable assistant. In the second, you have to build a strong personal relationship that allows them to score.

At FYXER, we know that an assistant’s effectiveness is directly linked to the relationship with their executive. It is the key ingredient that you cannot buy in the supermarket; it must be grown at home.

Ensuring a great personal relationship all starts with FYXER’s matching process. By analysing your industry, workload and specific needs, we will match you with your perfect Fyxer and then set up a face-to-face meeting between you. Unlike other companies, we believe this is the key to ensuring compatibility and chemistry from the outset.

Meeting your remote assistant also helps to dispel the idea that your assistant is ‘virtual’. Fyxers may work remotely, but on the other end of the phone is a living, breathing, thinking human being who is determined to learn what makes you tick. Understanding and awareness are vital for relationships to grow and our Fyxers will adapt and accommodate to an executive’s particular working style.

As assistants should be extensions of their executive, they should be familiar with those around them. Ensuring that your team, friends and family are not only aware of your assistant, but acquainted with them, is a crucial step in building your relationship. Fyxers, therefore, often attend company drinks and team activities to help develop personal links, whilst exposure to your home life allows them to better understand your needs. 

Fyxers are not traditional employees. Given their unique position outside of the company framework, Fyxers are able to simultaneously play the roles of assistant, confidante, advisor and friend. They can act as sounding-boards for your ideas before you float them company-wide. They can administer a fresh perspective before you take a major decision. They are trusted partners who will work with you to achieve your goals.

However, your relationship with your assistant will ultimately depend on how much you are willing to put in. A great assistant will learn to read your mind and act accordingly. They will study your working habits and master your thought process. Putting your faith in them to implement your wishes is therefore essential to a burgeoning relationship.

It is an often-mooted fallacy that hiring a remote assistant makes it harder to foster a personal relationship. Tell that to the executive who recently invited his Fyxer to his wedding. Investing in their working relationship not only brought about productivity benefits, but friendship too. 

To use a sports analogy once more: when players enjoy playing with one another, it tends to be a winning formula; the corporate world is no different. There’s a reason we go to such lengths at FYXER to ensure all our assistants develop a strong personal relationship with their executives: we know it breeds success. 

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