Why I am building an Executive Assistant Community

Posted by Helen on 18/03/18 22:34


Each year, I make a host of New Year’s resolutions. Each year, I swear I will stick to them. Each year, most have folded by Easter. 

That’s why, this year, I decided not to make a short-lived resolution, but instead give myself a mission for the whole year. Something I felt passionate about. Something I could grow with each passing month.

I decided to build a community for Executive Assistants.

‘Why?’ Is normally the first question I am asked. ‘Are you feeling alright?’ Is sometimes the second.

Well, for me, it was two-fold: enjoyment and personal development.

The EA role can often be a solitary one: a ‘team of one’ with little to no interaction with others performing the same role. However, all our Fyxers work in teams and they often remark on how much they enjoy collaborating with like-minded peers in comparison to riding ‘solo’.

Secondly, by sharing skills and experience, Fyxers have helped one another to become better EAs, maximising their efficiency and enhancing their career prospects.

All of this made me think: if this is what happens when Fyxers come together, imagine what could happen if all of London’s best EAs did this.

So, this year, I decided to put that theory to the test and set up an EA Community.

Our EA Community brings together London’s best EAs, PAs and VAs at monthly networking breakfasts, workshops and evening cocktail parties. It’s a chance for them to expand their contact books, share tips and tricks and discover professional opportunities with those that know their field best.

And this is only the beginning.

If joining the community sounds like your cup of tea, then do drop me an email at helen.osborne@fyxer.co, and I’ll loop you in to our invites.

Hope to see you there!


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