Why FYXER is becoming a fully remote company

Posted by Richard Hollingsworth on 18/07/19 11:25

The day has finally arrived. Four years after we started shaking up the executive assistant market, I’m excited to announce that FYXER is becoming a fully remote company.


FYXER’s new remote model

From August, Fyxers will no longer work one day per week out of a London office. Instead, Fyxer teams (Pods) will meet on a monthly basis at times and locations best suited to them, be it the last Tuesday of the month or in a hotel in Kent.


FYXER will provide a budget for when teams come together - to pay for a co-working space in Colchester, for example - as well as funds to help Fyxers kit out their home offices with essentials. Meanwhile, Fyxers will continue to meet face-to-face with clients once per month.


Why the new direction?

Earlier this year, we consulted our Fyxers on working preferences and company processes with their responses key to moulding our new direction. In particular, three main factors underpinned the move to a fully remote model.


Freedom to work far from London


From minimising childcare costs and avoiding long commutes to making fresh meals and walking your dog at lunch, the ability to work from home - and the associated benefits - is by far the most popular reason for working at FYXER. From a business point of view, it has also enabled the company to attract exceptional assistants who couldn’t (or didn’t want to) travel to a London office on a daily basis.


However, the weekly office day still limited our talent pool to those living within a three-hour radius from London and prevented Fyxers from working further afield. By going fully remote, we can not only hire talent from anywhere, but Fyxers can also spend a week working in Marseille as easily as they can in Manchester or Milton Keynes.


Previous set-up didn’t suit everyone’s strengths


Our survey found that while some Fyxers appreciated the regular face-to-face time of the office days, many claimed they were less productive due to the noise and frequent distractions. In addition, while some Fyxers valued the ability to share stories, meet new team members and build relationships during the communal day, they were often so busy - especially with meetings and training added to their usual schedule - that the social advantages of the office day were minimised.


Don’t need an office to feel engaged


The office day was designed to strengthen company culture, increase social interaction and enhance engagement, but Fyxers told us they were fully engaged at home and didn’t need the office to feel connected to colleagues. They already felt part of the FYXER team without the need for a weekly trip into central London.


The next step of an exciting journey

My brother Archie and I founded FYXER in 2015, initially working out of a box-sized London office with a handful of Fyxers. Now, we have over 80 clients and 60 employees with no plans to slow down.


This move to a fully remote model will support our future expansion by widening our talent pool, boosting the happiness and productivity of our Fyxers and saving money that can be repurposed to other areas of the business. This is just the latest step on the exciting FYXER journey and I can’t wait to see what’s next.




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