Posted by Helen on 07/09/17 09:00


When we first chat to our future Fyxers on an introductory phone call, we’re sometimes met with scepticism, as though what we’re offering is too good to be true. What’s it like to work at FYXER? How am I going to be treated any better or differently than if I was working in a traditional in house Executive Assistant (EA) role? When discussing flexible working at FYXER, it is important to consider this within the context of the EA role. The traditional EA role in both the Corporate and Private sense, is one that is notoriously exploited; EA’s find themselves working long hours, underappreciated and with a total disregard for their work-life balance.

FYXER provides a unique space, for those with busy lives, families and outside passions to no longer have to choose between family and career, between passions and earning a full time wage, between being there and providing, as you can, really have it all, FYXER is the solution to allowing you to provide for your family, not only financially but with your time and energy, realise your passions, reduce those stress levels, whilst working in a full time role that satisfies and challenges you.

“Being a Fyxer has changed my life. I am no longer making any sacrifices.”

Paula, FYXER since April 2017

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