What do Executive Assistants and professional basketball players have in common?

Posted by Helen on 25/07/18 10:41


WorkLife with Adam Grant is one of my favourite podcasts. Each episode takes a look at an unconventional workplace, such as the International Space Station or the set of a TV show, and explores the different methods and techniques used to make that workplace thrive.

I was particularly taken with a recent episode called The Problem with All-stars, in which Grant delves into the success of a college basketball team to explore some beliefs about effective teamwork. In the episode, two-time NBA championships winner Shane Battier tells Grant that he was never the most talented player on the team, but that without fail, the team would score more points when he was on the court.

The key was making those around him more effective.

Listening to the podcast, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Battier’s role and that of an EA, or in our case, a Fyxer. In each case, we’re not the ‘star’ of the team, nor do we hog the limelight and search the glory, but our contribution helps the team win by making everyone else better at what they do. We’re the hidden catalyst for success; the amplifier of awesome.

Like Shane, we work out what we need to do to make others work more productively. By being enthusiastic, communicative and thoughtful, EAs figure out how to be the best possible teammate.

Shane’s success derived from being humble and awesome at the same time. By acknowledging his own weaknesses and focusing on what he could do to elevate those around him. By thinking about others and going the extra mile for his team.

Shane’s mantra chimes with our core values at FYXER and we believe that working with your teammates in mind is essential to great team working and happiness at work. 

There's a lot more I could say, but I'll leave you with the link to listen for yourself. I especially enjoyed the interlude where Adam deepens his voice when speaking to the COO of JP Morgan and the excellent tips on how to make meetings more effective!

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