What are the signs that I need a virtual assistant?

Posted by Archie on 12/12/17 22:51


From founders of fledgling companies to executives at multinational firms, an increasing portion of the business world are adopting the remote assistant model, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

Well, by looking at why our clients became our clients, we have devised eight tell-tale signs that a Virtual PA should be at the top of your wish list.

Endless to-do list

An overflowing inbox? Voice messages stretching back weeks? Starting one task and ending up with three new things to do? For many executives, it doesn’t matter how hard they work, their to-do lists just get longer and longer.

In many cases, our clients were bogged down at work as they were either unable or unwilling to delegate non-critical tasks. Unable, as they didn’t have the extra pair of hands; unwilling, as they thought only they could complete the task at hand.

An executive virtual assistant is the perfect tonic for this scenario. Not only do they remove low-value tasks from your in-tray – cutting your workload in two – but they also carry them out more efficiently, having honed specific techniques and processes over the years.

Staring at the screen

Do you find yourself spending too much time on one particular problem? One recurring task that takes longer than it should? Well, we’re all human, there’s bound to be elements of our job that are not our core competence. However, instead of staring endlessly at a screen, typing and typing before feverishly hitting backspace, it’s more than likely that that nightmare task is someone else’s dream.

At FYXER, we’re unique in the sense that we were the first UK-based company to hire a bank of virtual assistants all working out of our London HQ. They are full-time, salaried staff of ours and are specifically hired to ensure we have a wide-ranging pool of skills and knowledge. As a result, our clients are not just stuck with the skills of one person, but can draw on the expertise of the whole team. No matter the task, we have you covered.

Constantly stressed

A short fuse, sleepless nights, mind blocks. Stress manifests itself in an endless number of ways and tends to have a negative impact on work, health and happiness. However, it is not the inevitable part of business life that many executives think it is. 

Work stress tends to flow from one main source: putting too much pressure on oneself. Whether that’s undertaking too many responsibilities or attempting tasks you shouldn’t, a pressure overdose impacts performance.

By filtering distractions, taking work off your plate, enabling a healthy work/life balance and putting you back in control of your agenda, Fyxers are experts at stress-reduction.

Working late nights and weekends

For some executives, it can feel like the only time they see their loved ones is on their screensaver. Dinner time means a take-away. Sunday roasts are regularly ruined by a flurry of urgent emails.

Quality time spent away from work is not only vital for a healthy, fulfilling life, but also boosts your aptitude at work. It’s crucial that everyone has the time to enjoy the fruits of their labour; a key goal for every assistant. Our Fyxers, for example, will not only reduce your workload, ensuring you have more time to spend away from the office, but also remove the ‘I have to do this mentality’, which turns a relaxing Saturday into a manic Monday.

Crucial stages of development

Growth is a target for every business, but some are at more crucial stages of development than others. A new round of investment. Renting office space for the first time. A raft of new clients. At critical junctures such as these, executives need to grab the bull by the horns and ditch the driftwood.

Your time should be dedicated to taking the business to the next step, not sifting through emails and dodging sales calls. You should be attending meetings, not scheduling them; cashing invoices, not chasing them. In other words, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on things that don’t make you money.

As a general rule, executives should consider their ‘hourly rate’ (what they would charge a client) and delegate any task that would not command that fee (i.e. you wouldn’t charge £30 / $35 per hour for typing up meeting notes).

Needing an occasional employee

Potential clients have often come to us saying they need another employee, but are either unsure they have enough work for them or cannot quite justify paying another salary. This is where virtual assistants really show their value for money.

Fyxers, for example, work on an hour-by-hour basis and can increase or decrease their hours depending on how your workload fluctuates. There is no need to outlay on a desk or computer, let alone a full-time salary. You don’t even need to spend the time searching for and then training up your assistant. In fact, Fyxers only have to make you 5% more efficient to pay for their way and in practice it is closer to 50%.

More important things to do

Do you find yourself avoiding necessary tasks? Creating to-do lists solely to put off doing what’s on there? A lack of desire leading to a missed deadline?

Your work should be stimulating. We are at our most efficient when we enjoy what we do, so if you approach a task with a “I’ve just got to get it over and done with’ mindset, then it should be delegated. Number-haters should hand over bookkeeping and accounts. Social media rookies should pass over control of their twitter feeds. Forgetting crucial, but ‘boring’, tasks will become a thing of the past.

New family / social commitments

A new family member, a relative in care, birthday parties, anniversaries, school holidays and Christmas. There are times of the year, unique to each individual, which can lead to over-activity and over-exertion. When these fall in line with high workloads, it’s a potent cocktail for stress: the agonising choice between work and family.

You should never have to make that choice. Missing out on social events – be it a friend’s leaving drinks or a child’s sports day – can seem a necessary choice at the time, but lead to regrets later down the line. Fyxers may be virtual assistants, but they are human beings with friends and family too. They will therefore direct your calendar, so you have time to spend with your loved ones and transform the mythical idea of a holiday or weekend away into reality. 

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