What are the benefits of Virtual Assistants working with in-house assistants?

Posted by Archie on 25/11/19 13:00

When it comes to executive support, many people think there is a binary choice between hiring an in-house EA and employing virtual support. In fact, combining the two can bring a number of benefits to your business. Our Fyxers, for example, perfectly complement internal support teams to enhance the productivity of an executive, their company and the assistants themselves. Here’s how. 

Reduced workload

In-house PAs often support a number of executives, which can stretch their time and resources, especially during peak periods. This not only hinders performance, but adversely impacts morale too. However, working with a Fyxer takes the weight off their shoulders. Knowing each other’s shifting priorities, roles and workloads, they can collaborate to avoid pinch points and ensure all tasks are dealt with efficiently and smoothly. The flexible nature of the relationship ensures that when support is needed, it’s there. 

Improved performance

By working in tandem, Fyxers increase an in-house EA’s productivity, happiness and performance, whilst taking work off an EA’s plate also reduces stress and helps avoid burn-out.

Meanwhile, being able to bounce ideas off one another ensures both the Fyxer and in-house PA are more productive and deliver a more streamlined service. Ultimately, a Fyxer is like the assistant’s assistant: freeing up their time to focus on what matters. 

Maintain internal culture

Hiring a flexible, external solution like FYXER enables companies to preserve their working culture and maintain the dynamism of a small in-house team. With this collaborative model, there is no need to make expensive full-time hires that change the ‘feel’ of the office or cuts into the company's resources. 

Better service

Most importantly, the collaborative model improves the level of service for the executive, who has the best of both worlds. With Fyxers and in-house EAs working together, the executive is never caught in the lurch by holidays, sick leave or burn-out. They have constant cover and year-round support. 

What’s more, they receive a premium service, with two productive, engaged and efficient assistants working in unison to deliver incredible support. With the collaborative model, the stage is set for executives to perform at their best and drive their company forward. 

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