How remote working revolutionised my mental health

Posted by Zoe on 15/05/19 12:59

It’s the same story for millions of people all over the world: get to work before sunrise, spend the day in an artificially-lit room and arrive home after sunset. But, is this relentless pursuit of the corporate dream really a good design for a life well-lived?

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How do virtual assistants reduce stress?

Posted by Archie on 29/11/17 09:02

Imagine the scenario: it’s Monday morning and you’ve just sat down at your desk. To-do list is long, but manageable. Sifting through emails, the to-do list grows, whilst time ticks down. Finally, you get cracking with task number 1. The phone rings, a client wants a document touched up. Another client messages asking for a strategy call before lunch. A reminder pops up to send out invoices. As the day wears on, it becomes impossible to get into stride. No matter how hard you work, the to-do list continues to grow, setting the tone for the rest of the week.

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