FYXER Nominated as Best for Mothers

Posted by Mel, HR Lead on 07/06/19 14:54




Parenthood is not exactly a modern phenomenon, yet some employers still treat maternity in a prehistoric way. At FYXER, we see things for how they are and have acted accordingly. As a 98% female company, providing flexibility and support to our employees when they choose to expand their families is something we pride ourselves on.

Our maternity policy has been shaped by working mothers, for working mothers. Through a combination of monthly roundtable sessions and real life experience, we have carefully honed a policy that supports each woman during their unique pregnancy journey and throughout the early years of their children’s lives.

The flexibility we offer has long been a draw for many an EA, whether they want to start families or not, but for working mothers it can be essential. Without flexibility, some women feel obliged to work when they would prefer to spend time with their child. Others opt to stay home, as the rising costs of childcare make it impossible to work. Some women feel guilty about returning to work, but fear they’ll otherwise lose their place on the ‘ladder’. Others don’t work, placing their relationship with their child over all else, but can’t shed lingering thoughts of ‘what if?’

Becoming a mother is tricky enough without having to face such dilemmas. That’s why at FYXER, we’ve put processes in place so mothers can flourish and grow at work, while also seeing their children flourish and grow at home. Here’s how

  • We enhance maternity pay and offer life insurance to all employees.
  • We offer free counselling services through our Employee Assistance Programme.
  • HR Lead holds regular wellbeing check ins during pregnancy and return from maternity leave
  • Working hours can be adapted in real time around conditions such as morning sickness and unforeseen complications.
  • Working hours can be adapted in accordance with your personal situation once your child arrives.
  • We are realistic around the demands that having a new baby or young child can place on you and your family, as many of us have gone through it.


At FYXER, we are determined that women should not have to choose between their career and their family and our maternity policy has been designed to do just that. We are excited to share that our work has been recognised and we have been nominated in the Working Families Best Practice Awards - in the Best for Mothers category. The winner will be announced at a special gala ceremony on 20th June in London, keep your fingers crossed for us!