Posted by Helen on 07/09/17 15:23

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In the final of my blog posts I explain that while Fyxers have the many benefits mentioned earlier including a better work life balance, a secure working environment and an appreciation from the team - FYXER offers all of this alongside working with a team of like-minded and wonderful Fyxers, meaning you are not isolated; we are pioneers in the virtual sphere, expert in staying connected whilst remote. 

We are a team, and a family.Our team know that, they are, and enjoy being part of, something that we are building together. From working together in the office, regular video conference catchups, to our social “Fun time Team time” events, we’re building a community for EA’s in a way that hasn’t existed before.

“I love working at FYXER because I can do the job I enjoy whilst working remotely and without feeling isolated, because we have a team of EAs that provide support to each other and share their fantastic pool of knowledge and skills.” 

Melanie, Fyxer since May 2017



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