The FYXER Blueprint: managing your work, family and health through Covid-19

Posted by Archie on 20/03/20 16:30

With the unprecedented Covid-19 situation, executives are rightfully adopting new ways to look after their company and employees. However, juggling new responsibilities and ways of working with existing business demands can be stressful and time-consuming, so executives also need to think about how  to take care of themselves. 

As a company that specialises in remote working and freeing up executives' time, FYXER has devised this blueprint on how executives can optimise their time when working from home during the coronavirus situation. 

Working from home

In order to work from home effectively, executives should:

  • Establish a home office set-up that fits your needs. Instead of designating a room and installing an office chair and desk, you should think about the aesthetics that will help you work comfortably throughout the day, such as natural light and plants.
  • Order all the office essentials that you might need from the outset, such as printer cartridges and paper. 
    • If you're a keen paper user, we advise getting a small shredder to protect company and client data.
  • Try and stick to your regular office hours. This will help you get into a working mindset during those hours and unwind outside of them. 
  • Change all meetings to video conferences. Ensure that all attendees have the video links, format (e.g. Zoom or Skype) and times in advance to avoid confusion.
  • Set aside time for employee management each day. As you cannot simply ‘look around the office’, make sure you have time in your day to check in with staff and go through any pressing issues they might be having.

How can FYXER help? 

Fyxers free up the time of busy executives so they can focus on what matters most. In addition to the usual administrative, personal, professional and executive-level assistance, Fyxers are also experts in remote working. They can provide tips on how to set-up at home, while team leads can also provide advice on how to manage remotely. If there’s a time to have an extra pair of hands, it’s now. 


With the closure of UK schools and UK Government advice urging home working where possible, it’s likely that your house - and now office - will be more crowded than usual. In addition, you may well have loved ones over the age of 70 or with pre-existing medical conditions that are having to take even more stringent quarantine measures. As such, it’s only natural that you will face more work distractions than usual. 

These may include:

  • Supplies - ensuring your home is stocked with essential goods. 
  • The elderly and infirm - ensuring your loved ones are suitably prepared for isolation. 
  • Discipline - limiting entry to your office and minimising noise as you work. 

How can FYXER help?

With the news regarding quarantine regulations and school closures, we have received an increasing number of requests on how we can support clients and their loved ones. During this time, FYXER can offer support in many areas, such as:

  • Online shopping & ordering medication for the elderly. 
  • Re-arranging childcare and working with you to ensure your children have access to the most appropriate resources to fill their days positively.
    • For example, we have provided tips to our clients regarding home-based activities for their children, including home craft ideas, free online educational games and daily schedules to keep them busy. 
  • Preparing your home for self-isolation, including ordering office supplies and setting up work stations. 
  • Taking personal admin off you and / or your partners’ plate to free up time to complete any of the above or other personal activities.
    • Our Fyxers work with many personal clients and can help you use this time to cross off items that have long-lingered on your to-do list, such as decluttering your home / office, organising your personal paperwork, moving you onto the cloud and setting up a password vault for all your access details. 


Looking after both your mental and physical health is particularly important during this time. The UK Government and the NHS have published general advice on physical activity and healthy eating, but executives will need to think about what best suits their lifestyles. For example:

  • Exercise - Current UK guidelines allow for people to leave the house to exercise at safe distances from others. Regular exercise and fresh air is especially important when working from home (even if you don’t notice it, most commutes involve a degree of outside exercise) and so you should look to leave the house on a daily basis even if only for a short walk. 
  • Healthy food - With the additional time not commuting and the ability to use your own fridge and kitchen, you should take advantage by eating healthy balanced meals.
  • Medication - Ensure that all members of your household have their required medication, while you should also stock up on pharmaceutical essentials, such as paracetamol. 
  • Fun - Ensure you clock on and clock off at reasonable hours to make sure you have enough time to relax and enjoy each day. 

How can FYXER help?

Fyxers can help ensure you remain fit and healthy while working from home by:

  • Setting aside time for exercise, orchestrating fitness regimes and plotting local running routes that adhere to social-distancing guidelines. 
  • Ordering healthy ingredients and meals to your home. 
  • Managing prescriptions and ordering necessary medication. 
  • Managing your calendar so that you have time to enjoy the perks of working from home. 

Get in touch 

FYXER has been working semi-remotely since 2015 and fully remotely since 2019. Our Fyxers and management team are experts in this field and will help you not only prepare for remote working, but take advantage of the situation. With no set end date and the chance for repeat spikes in coming years, establishing effective conditions and processes for remote working early can have long-lasting benefits. 



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