The benefits of being a fully remote company: two months on

Posted by Richard Hollingsworth on 24/09/19 15:49

In August, FYXER closed the doors on the traditional office environment for the final time, becoming a fully remote company. Two months on, the change has already made a positive impact: bringing benefits to our employees’ working and non-working lives.


Taking your ‘office’ with you

One of the driving forces behind last month’s decision was the weekly commute to London for the ‘office day’. Not only was the commute costly, time-consuming and unnecessary, but it also forced staff to abandon their personal work environments and limited our talent pool to those within travelling distance.

FYXER’s new model has alleviated those issues. In the last two months, we’ve not only been able to make hires in Wales and the North East, but staff have also been able to take their ‘office’ with them when away from home. Be it on a boat in Portsmouth, in a villa in Corfu or the Tate Modern in London, all FYXER employees can now set up productive work environments wherever their life takes them.


A more productive weekly routine

Before the switch, many Fyxers said the communal day disrupted their weekly routine as the meetings, training and travelling adversely impacted their productivity. Now, staff can better plan their working week according to their and their client’s needs.

In addition, the freedom to plan one’s week at home has given our employees more time to focus on personal activities that improve their work-life balance. Some have been able to commit to a weekly exercise routine, using the hours they would have spent commuting to focus on their health instead. Others have adapted their morning routines, using the lack of a morning rush to walk their dog on the beach before work, so they are mentally relaxed and prepared for the day to come.


Unexpected benefits

Being fully remote has also led to some unexpected benefits. For example, one Fyxer in Cornwall has been able to take surf breaks at lunchtime, which clears her head and boosts her productivity in the afternoon.

However, the most widely appreciated benefit has been the social upturn. Being a fully remote company has not only given FYXER staff more time to spend with friends and family - such as lunch breaks with their partner - but also encouraged staff to visit loved ones further afield. Long journeys that were previously deemed too far are now within reach, as staff can work remotely whilst visiting. For example, one staff member now attends family events in the north of England, knowing she can work from there. Not having to travel to London once per week has given FYXER staff license to roam.


Join in

Overall, FYXER staff have reported feeling more relaxed thanks to the change, with the additional time on their hands being put to good use in terms of well-being, social interaction and personal development, to name just a few.

If this model of working sounds good to you, do read our Remote Working Guide for more information on remote working at FYXER, including guidance on how to make the most out of it.


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