Remote Control Christmas

Posted by Helen on 29/12/17 11:44

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FYXER, as a whole company, has been working remotely, since 15th December and we will be up until the 9th January.


Why not?!

Our team enjoy true autonomy over their time and flexibility over their environment, so what better gift at Christmas, than to be able to spend time with your family, friends (or not if you so choose!), overseas or right at home, without having to eat in to your precious holiday allowance.

Hear it from the team:

"The best thing about remote working for me is the time saved on travelling! Walking my two hounds in the beautiful Hertfordshire woods before I start my working day is amazing. Definitely beats being stuck on a packed commuter train"

-Eva Nahlik, Fyxer


“Remote working for me means having complete control over how I plan my time. Particularly around Christmas we all have multiple demands on our time pulling us in different directions which is hard for everyone but if I was juggling that on top of having to be present in an office up until the last working day I don't know how I'd manage. Remote working means I can be at my parents' house a few days before Christmas and enjoy dinners with them whilst still working during the day. It means I can look after my dog when doggy day care closes for the holidays, it means I can get all my last minute Christmas gifts delivered and know I can be home to receive them and all the while still be 100% present and available to my clients”

-Helen Victor, Fyxer


This year we will have Fyxers connecting from over 5 different countries and 2 continents (there could be more, we stay connected so flawlessly that someone could be in Antartica and there’d be no drop in communications).

I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas, and a very happy New Year.

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