Our Planet Needs Fyxing

Posted by Sarah on 01/05/19 18:07


If I’m honest, protecting the environment and leading a healthier lifestyle are not the top two reasons I love working for FYXER (the extra two hours I get back in the morning and the option to keep my jimjams on all day win those prizes). However, I have recently been thinking about how much lower my carbon footprint is because I work from home, or ‘remotely’ for use of a better word.

I’m no climate activist and I’m unlikely to be joining Extinction Rebellion any time soon , but it’s now abundantly clear that we are heading for environmental disaster unless we make some massive changes to the way we live our lives. Naturally, we’ll all do this in our own ways, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be recycling the best you can, avoiding single-use plastics when possible and cutting back on eating meat.  

I joined FYXER nearly two years ago and am based near the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Here, seals bask on the beach during the summer months and give birth to gorgeous pups in the winter. This year, plastic got wrapped around their necks and I don’t need to tell you the rest. After witnessing this, I vowed to be a lot better at the choices I make and, whilst reflecting on what I changes I could make, I was proud that my job has a huge positive impact on the environment for many reasons, the main ones being these:

  1. No hideous commuting

I get the train into London twice a month and during this journey I can work on my laptop, read a book or watch something on Netflix. This is not only more preferable than being stuck in traffic or squished next to strangers on the Tube, but I also use a comparatively tiny amount of fuel to get me to work.

  1. Healthier choices

When I worked in an office, I could have prepared lunch at home and taken it in a reusable container. But, like lots of people, I was busy and I was lazy, so I used to grab a packaged sarnie from Pret for lunch and a takeaway coffee on my way in (I only recently got a reusable coffee cup - a super secret santa present from a fellow Fyxer!) Not only does this involve packaging waste, but the fuel amount that is used to bring these products into our cities is huge. Now I am at home I make healthier choices and prepare fresh meals from the fridge. Ice cream is a healthy meal, right?

  1. Decreased energy use

Offices need heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, and almost constant electricity for all the lights and gadgets. When you are at home, though, you control your own energy costs and can choose how hot or cold you want to be. This saves money for the company, which can be better spent elsewhere, but also has a positive environmental impact by reducing energy usage.

So, as I sit at my kitchen table in my pyjamas , mug of coffee in hand, while everyone else is having a hideous commute, I do feel a certain smugness about working at FYXER, which now extends beyond just saving me time - I’m also keeping my carbon footprint low and helping ‘Fyx’ our planet simply by doing my job. 


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