Posted by Sarah on 16/07/18 04:05

Fast-paced job in a slow-paced setting - how swapping London for Norfolk was the best move I’ve ever made.

The move

No Deliveroo, no M&S, no Starbucks, no Uber.  A few years ago I would have laughed in the face of anyone that suggested I might be moving to a small market town in the county of Norfolk. Having spent 22 years in Twickenham (London without the hassle) and working in Piccadilly and Richmond Upon Thames, I loved my London life. I loved the array of options on my doorstep: galleries, gigs, bars, restaurants, the South Bank, Curzon cinemas, pop-ups, Greenwich market, Camden Lock; I could go on.

Then a few things in my life changed. I met a man who lived in Norfolk and we started spending alternate weekends in London and the Norfolk coast. I’d actually lived in Norwich until I was 17 and it was strange coming back to the area and visiting the city with grown up eyes. Driving past the fields where I used to sit with teenage friends drinking cider, walking through the city streets that I used to trot down in my purple DMs with my friends, talking about Nirvana or boys.

One day in early 2017 I was made redundant from my job as PA in Richmond. After not much deliberation I suddenly found myself packing my things and moving to North Walsham, a small town in North Norfolk. My main worry was finding a job that I would love and could thrive in. Looking at the salary drop on recruiters’ websites didn’t exactly help matters either.

But, it turned out to be the best move I’ve ever made. Why? Because I found FYXER. 

Joining FYXER - my day-to-day

FYXER has given me the best of both worlds. My clients are all London-based and work in that fast-paced culture that you only really get in London. Every day is both challenging and enjoyable and I love working with each of them.

Each morning I get up at around 7.30am (instead of 6am) and make coffee and toast while I watch the news (instead of sitting on a packed train checking emails on my mobile). Then around 8.30am I open my laptop and start my day. Every day is a busy day and you have to be very good at prioritising tasks across three different clients to ensure their needs and deadlines are met. Although I am working from my dining table, I have a wonderful team of other Fyxers on Slack, all at hand for advice on a task, sharing a joke, or a picture of Tom Hardy when you need it.

At around 1pm I have some lunch and then stick on a podcast for a 30 minute walk, before coming back to my work for the rest of the day, which (wait for it) stops at 5.30pm!!!  I shut down the laptop, cook dinner and spend my evening how I wish.

Joining FYXER - the results

A few times a month I travel into London for a FYXER team meeting or to spend some face to face time with a client. I love this - I get my big city fix! I love pulling in on the train at Liverpool St and walking to Old Street for a day with the rest of the team. I often meet up with my London friends when I’m there, so I am not losing touch with the people I used to have around me. In fact, I actually see more of them as we make the effort, rather than letting months go by and constantly changing dates. 

Yes, I earn less (but I save so much not spending a thousand pounds on a fancy ciabatta and a coffee that takes 37 mins to make). My real saving is not financial, it is time. The old workers’ motto of eight hours work, eight hours recreation and eight hours rest actually applies, and it’s good for you! I no longer spend three hours of my day commuting. I no longer work late in the evenings as my clients understand the way I work and trust me to get what needs to be done, done.

And at the end of the day, instead of arriving home late, tired, stressed and reaching for a quick and not very healthy dinner, I am eating on time, with my partner, and to top it all off, 5 mins down the road, I have this….


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