The limitations of hiring an Executive Assistant

Posted by Archie on 25/08/17 15:12

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I’m often asked: what defines an assistant? What do I consider to be the core facet of an assistant’s role? With so many strings to the modern assistant’s bow, there is no definitive answer, but for me, all assistants must be an extension of their executive.

In their barest form, an assistant exists to free-up an executive’s valuable time. Executing administrative tasks is important, but learning to think for the executive is vital; a trusted ally that channels the executive’s thought process and can speak, action and confirm tasks on their behalf. It’s not a case of simply knowing an executive’s preferences, but having the skills to implement them to the same degree as the executive would.

However, every executive is unique. Working patterns, preferences, skill sets – we all hold different cards. It’s therefore difficult to find an assistant that embodies every trait of an executive. A team of assistants, on the other hand, is a whole different kettle of fish.

FYXER prides itself on its matching process: after assessing work requirements, we set about finding personal matches to all our clients. This not only removes the arduous and time-consuming hiring process from the executive’s plate, but also minimises the on-boarding burden that comes with in-house executive assistants.

With a traditional assistant, an executive is also limited to the skill sets of just one person. If that assistant is absent for reasons of ill-health or holiday leave, an executive can be left in the lurch at a crucial time.

With FYXER, a wide-range of skills is available every day of the year. If your dedicated fyxer is away, another fyxer will seamlessly fill-in during that period. If a specialist task arises that falls out of your assistant’s remit, another member of the FYXER team will be drafted in for the project. If the task is highly technical, we will connect you with a verified partner with the requisite skills.

No matter the task, we have you covered.

As executives tend to hire assistants to improve efficiency, it seems only right that your assistant grows in line with your business. FYXER can adapt to new requirements whether you are a business of two or two hundred thousand, adding in more hours as and when required. Irrespective of fluctuating needs, you should always have the right level of support.

We also appreciate that certain circumstances require this support to be ‘in-person’. Therefore, your dedicated assistant works within a team of roaming fyxers who can, for instance, pick up important documents or retrieve lost items at short notice. Your Fyxer can also sit in on significant meetings and visit you if a specific in-person task is required, replicating the role of an in-house assistant without the need for a desk.

Wide-ranging skill sets, constant cover and adaptable working practices: FYXER’s remote assistant model removes the limitations of an executive assistant to help your business flourish.