International Women’s Day: what has working for FYXER enabled you to achieve?

Posted by Archie on 08/03/20 07:54

In the 1960s, sci-fi films predicted the world would be threatened with robots, Martians and extraterrestrial predators in the 2020s. In reality, we are still faced with a more pressing threat: gender inequality. 

Each year, we rightfully celebrate the social, political and economic achievements of women on International Women’s Day, but each year we are also reminded why this is still necessary. Just this week, for example, TUC analysis showed that women in the UK work for free for 63 days per year due to the gender pay gap.

At FYXER, we find this astonishing. 90% of our 58 employees are female, including all of our team managers, and even our team names - Boudica, Nightingale and Grace Jones to name just a few - pay homage to inspirational women. And, of course, we pay all our roles the same regardless of gender. 

However, workplace inequality has many faces and we believe true equality comes when women have the ability to successfully pursue their goals. As such, we wholeheartedly support this year’s International Women’s Day theme - 'an equal world is an enabled world' - and decided to find out what working for FYXER has enabled our employees to achieve. 

The best of both worlds

In 2018, India Bulgin was torn between the army, her PA career in London and a life in Austria. “I spent months debating the decision of Austria or the Army and my PA career and finally decided that Austria would win”. However, “not having business German really limited my opportunities to continue to be a PA, a career that I loved, in Austria”. 

FYXER provided that opportunity. “I work [as a Co-Fyxer] with FYXER on US hours, which happily do not clash with ski lift opening hours, so I can continue to work in the mountains that I love whilst having the PA career that I thought I had to leave behind”. 

No more compromises

Caroline Huggins faced an all-too familiar dilemma after having her daughter: mum guilt for returning to work or work guilt for taking time off. She decided she had to find a way to “do the job I love without having to compromise the most important role in my life, being a mum!”

From attending nursery shows and teddy bears’ picnics to being there when her daughter is sick, working remotely and flexibly as a Fyxer has given Caroline the opportunity to fit her working life around her family life. In addition, she believes it sets a good example for her daughter. “FYXER has shown me I can have it all. I have a career I love and I'm showing my daughter that you don’t have to compromise, you can be a strong working woman and a mum and do both very well!”

A change of lifestyle

In 2017, Anastasia O’Hara “was in search of a change of lifestyle, one where [she] could eradicate the daily commute and explore some sunnier parts of the world”. She subsequently moved from London to Malta and a few weeks later started working as a Fyxer. 

“Now, instead of spending the first two hours of my morning rushing, seething and stressing over train delays, I spend it with my family. We head to the beach, enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the terrace at home or get in a sunrise hike around the coastal cliffs before it gets too hot”. 

What’s more, Anastasia feels “far more focused and productive” when she turns on her laptop and believes that the extra free time afforded by the FYXER set-up has improved her quality of life. 

Be the best you can be

At FYXER, we are proud that we’ve enabled our employees to achieve their goals and take control of their lives. For us, empowering women is not just about achieving wage parity (which we’re unbelievably still talking about in 2020), but enabling women to live the life they want and be the best they can be. 

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