Posted by Helen on 31/08/17 09:00

FYXER is redefining how companies look at the Executive Assistant (EA) role. We hire full-time best in class Executive Assistants. Armed with our platform and processes we connect them with our client base of heavy hitting entrepreneurs. FYXER is the leading Executive Assistant outsourcing firm in the U.K.

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I’ve been with FYXER for over 18 months and head up our People department. Since joining the company I have been blown away by the innovative approach we use in everything we do – everyday striving to make our clients happy and our employees (Fyxers) the same. So much so that we recently entered a submission for the Working Mums Top Employer Awards 2017. While writing the application it occurred to me that everyone should know about the unique offering FYXER has, and how we are the frontrunners in innovative flexible working, work life balance and job satisfaction. But what makes the working life of a Fyxer so unique?

When speaking to some of our Fyxers to get their view on what it’s like to be part of the FYXER team and how it has benefited their lives outside of work, it became quickly apparent that we have created a unique working space. At FYXER we provide a place where no longer does an employee have to choose between family and career, between passions and earning a full time wage; they can earn the money for the bread on the table and be there to eat it. To the flexible time boundaries that allow Fyxers to cut down time wasted on commuting that they can then channel back into their passions and personal lives. All the while working with like-minded team members meaning they aren’t isolated and can call on support at anytime.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to go in to a little more detail about FYXER’s unique offer and how it is helping our team enjoy working and regaining their personal lives at the same time.


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