How to run a remote team during the Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Georgina Langton on 13/03/20 16:31


So, someone in your office building has a suspected case of Coronavirus and you’re sending your team home to work remotely. How are you going to implement this to ensure business continuity?

FYXER has been a fully virtual business for nearly a year now. Our entire team works from home and we’ve learnt a lot on how to make working remotely a storming success, here are my top five points to get you started:

  1. Set the conditions for success: Desk, chair, natural light and a quiet space. Make sure you’re comfortable, can concentrate and have a space you’re able to work in.
  2. Communication: For business as usual, transparent communication for your team and to your customers is integral. If anything - over communicate. Use Zoom, Slack and pick up the phone!
  3. Project Management: Ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Build on your communication to monitor workflow and projects with Asana, Monday, Confluence or Trello.
  4. Security: It may seem like common sense, but 2-step verification and password protection should be a given. Don’t let business as usual open up the risk of a data breach. Educate your team on how to mitigate this.
  5. Mindset: Get your team on board with this. Working from home is a skill the team and the company need to cultivate. Create a culture where everyone is supporting each other and maintaining a cohesive, positive team bond. This is the foundation to your success. Ensure you remain productive, maintain work/life boundaries and, if self-isolation allows, get out of the house! 

I think you’ll be surprised at how well working remotely could suit you, your team and your company - let's see if you go back to your office full time after experiencing the multiple benefits of working remotely. 

Topics: Virtual Assistants, Executive Assistants, Outsourcing