How do Virtual Executive Assistants work with in-house EAs?

Posted by Archie on 25/11/19 13:00

In the modern executive assistance market, there is a common misconception: you either hire a full-time, internal assistant or you embrace a flexible, external solution. In fact, there is a third way; one which brings the best of both worlds. 

At FYXER, our virtual executive assistants (known as Fyxers) specialise in working with in-house Executive Assistants (EAs) to reduce workloads, improve performance and deliver an exceptional level of service. Here’s how. 

Distinct roles

In a tandem relationship, the Fyxer and in-house EA can take on distinct roles and tasks best suited to them. For example, a Fyxer might act as a gatekeeper and point of contact for all external requests - booking in meetings, managing the diary and responding to emails - while an in-house PA might play the same role internally. By working together, they prioritise requests, avoid clashes and ensure their shared executive always has time for what’s most important. 

In addition, if the in-house EA supports a team of senior executives, the Fyxer could take on the ‘individual’ roles, such as keeping track of personal expenses and intricately planning their travel, while the EA focuses on ‘group’ roles, like coordinating the flow of information between the senior team. 


Collaboration is at the heart of the model. Fyxers and in-house EAs communicate regularly to discuss upcoming tasks, assign roles and highlight potential pinch points, establishing where they can support one another. For example, if the internal EA has to deliver an internal training programme, the Fyxer can not only take on more tasks to free up their time, but also act as a sounding board for ideas and even provide direct support. 

What’s more, both assistants can bounce ideas and questions off one another - particularly those they may not want to bother the executive with - to ensure they are always prepared to carry out day-to-day tasks as efficiently as possible. 

Working culture

Meanwhile, Fyxers quickly understand a company’s working culture and processes. From the outset, they learn and adapt to particular idiosyncrasies and preferences, seamlessly becoming part of the team without the need for a lengthy onboarding process. 

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