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Posted by Archie on 22/11/17 13:37

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Hiring an employee can be a time-consuming lottery. From analysing requirements and posting an advert to filtering applications and conducting interviews, the entire process can take months, without the guarantee of a perfect fit.

The chances of a finding the right candidate can be even slimmer when picking a virtual assistant. With a myriad of options from around the world, offering a range of different services, it can be a daunting task – especially when hiring in this area is not your forte.

So, what’s the best way of ensuring quality? Go to the experts.

Hiring process

Hiring in this specialised sphere is our bread and butter. Knowing what attributes makes a great assistant, we set out stringent criteria for applicants, such as a minimum of five years’ experience managing executives.

Candidates must then go through our 5-step hiring process, which includes rounds of character interviews and skill tests, taking two months to complete. We are looking for problem-solvers and decision-makers. Candidates who are dynamic, thorough and pro-active. Those that have the right personality to join the Fyxer family. It’s no walk in the park – less than 1% of applicants are hired. 

Meanwhile, as Fyxers work as part of a team, they are specifically hired to ensure we have a vast pool of different skills and knowledge at our disposal. Be it financial services or the creative industries, website design or marketing skills, we have all the bases covered, which means you do to.

Matching process

Fyxers may be ‘virtual’ by name, but they are human in nature and ensuring your assistant is perfectly-suited to you comes from our bespoke matching process. By analysing your industry, workload and specific needs, we will match you with your ideal fyxer and then set up a face-to-face meeting between you to ensure compatibility and chemistry from the get-go.

In addition, if you have a specialised demand or project, you are able to draw on the expertise of a whole bank of world-class Fyxers.

On-boarding / training

After meeting with you, we will compile a dossier on you and your preferences and on-board the Fyxer ourselves. This way, when they start working for you, they hit the ground running. Meanwhile, if your Fyxer is on leave (holiday or sick leave, for example), another member of the team can be brought up to speed easily, so there is no need to go back to the drawing board. 

The perfect fit

FYXER is unique in the virtual assistant world. As the first UK company to employ a bank of full-time, salaried virtual PAs – all working out of our London HQ – hiring and matching quality assistants is our USP. That’s why Fyxers aren’t remote secretaries – they are executive virtual assistants.

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