Getting the most out of your virtual assistant

Posted by Archie on 27/02/17 10:19

Getting the most out of your virtual assistant

After coming to the conclusion that a virtual assistant would help your business become more efficient, free up your time and help your business grow, you’ve decided to make the positive step of hiring your own Fyxer. The next step is ensuring that you make the most of it.

Clint Eastwood famously said: “what you put into life is what you get out of it”; the same is true for virtual assistants. If you want to get passed simply outsourcing ad-hoc tasks and truly appreciate the value of a proactive assistant, you need to invest time and emotion into the relationship.



Step 1: Set up operating procedures

  • As a first port of call, your dedicated Fyxer will meet with you in person to establish a professional relationship and discuss how you like to work.
  • Together, you should then establish basic operating procedures that fit with your needs and schedules.
  • This would include, for example, the favoured means of communication (email, phone, instant messenger) and devising regular catch-ups (e.g. Monday briefing).
  • These will develop over time, but at the first instance, we find it beneficial for both parties to establish a basic working structure.


Step 2: Get that In-tray off your desk

  • For those who haven’t seen an assistant in action before, de-cluttering your in-tray should be one of the first steps you take. This includes those thoughts that have been sitting in the back of your head, those half-finished to-do lists and those sporadically scribbled post-it notes.
  • We always ask our new clients: “what are the things you have pushed to the back of your mind for the last three months?” Without fail, there is always a bill needing to be paid or an outstanding invoice.
  • These are great tasks an assistant can execute immediately and usually offers an immediate return on your investment.

Step 3: Engage/Invest emotionally

  • Once an assistant has proved their worth by addressing those ad-hoc tasks, you should widen your train of thought and consider how an assistant can help you further, both inside and outside of your working life.
  • A good assistant, by definition, thinks and acts on your behalf. As such, the greater portion of your life that you invest into them – the more responsibility that you delegate –  the greater the return.
  • By working together with your assistant, you should scope out what these areas might be, so that your assistant can begin to make a long-term impact on your life.
  • These could be low-value tasks that you don’t need to do yourself (e.g. booking train tickets), tasks that you dislike doing (e.g. managing expenses) or tasks you cannot perform yourself (e.g. proofreading with a fresh perspective).

Step 4: Behavioural change

  • As your assistant becomes more in tune with your life, you should begin to rethink your working practices, whereby it becomes second nature to delegate certain tasks.
  • Adapting your behaviour will enable your virtual assistant to fulfil their potential, which will in turn help your business fulfil its potential.

The relationship between you and your virtual assistant is for the long-term and will necessarily evolve over time. Your dedicated Fyxer will work tirelessly and efficiently with you during that period, so you have the maximum amount of time to spend doing what you love whilst helping to grow your business.