Posted by Helen on 07/09/17 15:22


FYXER provides the perfect combination of remote working, and respecting the timeand boundaries of our people.

Fyxers are asked to come into the office only one day per week, allowing them to spend 80% of their time virtually, from home or wherever they like (and by that I mean wherever; so long as they can get on WIFI for UK Business hours, they can be dancing the night away on a beach in Rio). This not only allows people to be around when they’re needed and where they want to be, whether that’s being able to drop their children at school or nursery in the morning, read the bedtime story, dance on that beach in Rio, but it also allows them to reclaim those lost hours commuting, and channel them into their personal lives and passions. We are giving people back upwards of 15 hours per week each! Just think – that is an extra 32.5 days per year! Fyxers are able to take up part time degrees, commit to sports teams, teach gym classes, take cookery lessons, volunteer for charitable programs and not miss out on their children growing up. We’re proud of our offering to our Fyxers, it’s fantastic to see the value we add to each and every ones lives. 

“FYXER has been the solution for me. I can work, with the same respect and value that I had always but with the flexibility to work from home and have limited travel into London.”

 Lyndsay, Fyxer since April 2017

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