Posted by Helen on 07/09/17 15:22

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Further to respecting our Fyxers time, we establish firm boundaries with our clients regarding working hours, that allows the team to clock off at the end of the day and not have to worry about the phone going off during the family dinner. An EA who can reclaim their evenings and weekends back to have as their own, is revolutionary in the industry.

The security that we offer our Fyxers is something they can literally take to the bank. Unlike embarking on a path as a Virtual Assistant on a Freelance basis, our team know they are guaranteed a portfolio of inspirational clients, and a full time salary to match it, Fyxers can provide the bread for the table, and be there to eat it.


“...it sounded too good to be true: you're a full-time employee with a secure salary, paid leave and a support network of like-minded colleagues."

Paula, Fyxer since April 2017

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