Do I have time to work with an assistant?

Posted by Archie on 04/10/17 13:44


If you are wondering whether you have enough time to work with an assistant, then it’s abundantly clear that an assistant is exactly what you need. All assistants – from executive virtual assistants to part-time administration support – exist to free up an executive’s valuable time. They allow executives to focus on ‘higher value’ work and thus maximise efficiency. However, you cannot enjoy the crop without at first sowing the seeds. 

The effectiveness of an assistant is directly proportional to how much you are willing to put in: the more you invest in the relationship, the greater the return. The same is true with time. An assistant works best when they are in perfect sync with their executive. When they understand their working styles and appreciate their working habits. As a result, devoting a small amount of time at the outset to explain how you operate, what your preferences are, how you think and what is important to you, will expedite the syncing process. Effectively, paying back the hours you’ve put in with interest.

It is the same process as learning a new skill. Mastering a new discipline requires diligent practice and regular feedback. Finding time to interact and work with your assistant in the short-term will lead to positive long-term benefits for both you and your business.

The reason many executives find themselves strapped for time in the first place is down to conditioning. Most executives are accustomed to doing everything themselves and therefore put a disproportionate value on self-sufficiency. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should.

Prior to hiring an assistant for the first time, some executives may think it normal to conduct market research during their lunch hour or be used to setting aside their Friday afternoons for invoicing and accounts. Their response to a late influx of emails is to work harder, without appreciating that working harder is not the same as working more efficiently. In fact, it is often the opposite. 

Lisa Krohn, a former PA to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, claims that an assistant’s main responsibility is “giving people permission to let things go”. Therefore, those very tasks that are causing you headaches about your ability to work with an assistant should be the first items that you hand over.

However, we understand that every case is different. Even an executive that appreciates the long-term benefits of working with an assistant may find hiring, managing and training their PA an impossible strain in the short-term. That’s where FYXER’s model is designed to help.

We take care of the hiring process, matching one of our experienced and knowledgeable Fyxers to suit your needs. We manage our Fyxers internally, setting KPIs and reviewing their performance on a monthly basis. We also on-board our Fyxers using an account dossier on you and your preferences, removing the time burden of training your assistant. With FYXER, you do not have to worry about recruitment, office space, constant management or even salary. You even go from being the employer to the client. 

Within a month, your assistant will be saving you a minimum of two-three hours per day. So, be it devising a task list together or discussing preferred templates, the hours spent at the outset will soon be a distant memory.  

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