Can I pick and choose when my virtual assistant works?

Posted by Archie on 10/01/18 08:21


Every executive experiences peaks and troughs in workload. A new project coinciding with a regulatory deadline. A slower month during summer school holidays. The in-tray of an executive can change week-to-week, so they should have an assistant that ebbs and flows with them: not full-time, not part-time, but their time.Flexibility

‘I know an assistant would make me more efficient, but I don’t need help the whole time’ is a common excuse for not hiring a virtual PA. However, flexibility is one of a virtual assistant’s trump cards. Instead of having a full-time member of staff working five days a week, a virtual assistant only works when they are required. As your workload fluctuates, so will theirs. 

Many executives find themselves strapped for time as they are conditioned to doing everything themselves, but delegating tasks is essential to growth. Knowing your assistant can work at the same pace as you is key to getting ahead.


Responsiveness is crucial in the virtual assistance world. Our Fyxers are always on call for their clients, whilst also providing a consistent stream of updates and acknowledgements. Executives need simply pick up the phone, send an email or update their shared system to alert their Fyxer to a new task (although, given Fyxers’ proactive nature, you may find that new task already completed).

In addition, we realise that some jobs can only be done in-person. That’s why Fyxers can even undertake occasional physical roles such as queuing at the passport office or welcoming guests to an annual AGM.


An assistant’s effectiveness is directly linked to the relationship with their executive. This means not only being familiar with working preferences and habits, but also with their company, industry, colleagues and family. An executive must have confidence that when they require assistance, their assistant is immediately on the same page. 

This is one of the principal differences between hiring a temp and a virtual executive assistant, like a Fyxer. As Fyxers are full-time employees of FYXER, your assistant will be well-versed in your needs and preferences before they undertake a task. So, no wasted time running through priorities each time you require assistance.


Executives can be wary of hiring an assistant due to ever-changing needs. One week, they may want help with a promotional campaign, the next, a report on a competitor. Fyxers not only provide a wide-range of specialised services, but are in fact specifically hired to do so. We have purposefully built a team of Fyxers with a multitude of skills from a variety of backgrounds, so that whatever service you require, FYXER is a one-stop shop. 


Ever thought about hiring a helping hand, but not sure if you have enough work for them? Or even whether there is enough space for them? It’s hardly good practice to pay someone to twiddle their thumbs, be they an intern, temp or full-time employee. With a Fyxer, not only is there no need to pay a full-time salary, but as they work on an hour-by-hour basis, you only pay for the assistance you need. They also work out our London HQ, so no need to pay for office space or even equipment.


Ultimately, each executive is different, so it makes sense that their relationship with their assistant is tailor-made to suit them. However, this relationship is a two-way street, and so our Fyxers will also analyse an executive's needs and manage their own workload accordingly.

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