A VIP event, “The Power of Collaboration”

Posted by Helen on 07/12/17 07:46

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There are a lot of upsides to working at FYXER; autonomy, work life balance, flexibility and working with inspiring entrepreneurs and company owners at a high level. An element that often gets overlooked, but is in fact is a real advantage for our Fyxers is our ability to work collaboratively. It isn’t just a job, it’s a family, and the whole team is there to support each other.

It is through collaboration that we are not only able to provide the best possible service for our clients, but to continue our learning and knowledge sharing, through peer support and teamwork.

To celebrate collaboration, some of the FYXER team and an exclusive list of VIP EAs came together for a fantastic evening of networking, sharing, and a little fun too. This event will mark the beginning in a series of regular events, in which we want to start conversations and open up a community of EAs, to share our knowledge of unique ways we surpass expectations of virtual working with super tips, tricks and hacks!

We kicked off with a warm welcome and introduction from Richard, our CEO and co-founder, on why collaboration is so important to FYXER. We then broke away into teams for an adventurous game of “Egg smash”. You might be wondering how you play egg smash…

In our teams, we were given a selection of office supplies, 20 minutes and most importantly, an egg! Our challenge: to build a contraption around the egg with the aim to help it survive a drop from the second storey window! Please DO try this at home kids. (We are pleased to announce that all but one egg survived!)

After clearing up the egg lost in battle, we moved onto a Q&A session with a few of our “real-life” Fyxers; Mel, Helen, Paula and Candice. The questions from our guests poured in, our Fyxers shared their unique insights into how collaboration allows them to work in a high pace, high quality environment, whilst knowing they can rely on the strong support network at FYXER, continuing personal and professional development at every step (and not missing out on those very important social elements we all bring to work!)

The canapes then started their circulation and the prosecco flowed, with chatting and networking into the evening.

Thanks to all those who came, and we are looking forward to the next one. 

If you are interested in chatting to FYXER, please see our open roles here; https://fyxer.workable.com/.

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